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To lead

Hays PLC provides recruitment and human resources services across 33 countries. This market is becoming ever more competitive.


How do we help our Senior Leaders to develop key management and leadership knowledge and close skills gaps to enable them and us to flourish in times of accelerated change?


To co-design and deliver a blended program enabling the Senior Leaders to adapt and evolve leadership styles to reflect the changing environments they operate in. This includes a premium blend of experiential and virtual learning utilising our 4 Pillar methodology.

The results

The vocabulary and the new leadership practices associated with this program are becoming habit and are beginning to change the leadership culture at all levels of the organisation. 

“The depth and breadth of leadership expertise we are able to draw on by working with Mission Performance’s Head of Leadership Practice is enormous. It has enabled us to collaboratively develop a key part of our leadership programme that is having a significant impact on the way our people think about leadership and their own practice."

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