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We have amassed numerous examples of our work over two decades. To respect our clients we have anonymised our work together. When we meet we can discuss related projects.



Leadership, team and communication development.

  • Location: UK
  • Audiences: Primary care: GP surgery teams and Secondary care: Departmental teams
  • Format: Seminars and tailored team away days
  • Greater awareness of diversity and how this impacts relationships, key decisions taken and adopted to drive team/ practice performance.

  • How to provide safe spaces to agree on and make objective decisions under pressure of time and public demand.


Global Medical Research Organisation

Communication and Team development using the the SDI 2.0 tool.

  • Location: Global
  • Audiences: Operational and academic leaders
  • Format: Tailored Virtual workshops
  • Virtual Team connectivity and relationship building achieved through the SDI 2.0 platform.

  • How to keep a global team connected, virtually.

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