Building operational resilience

To lead

Kohler Co is an American manufacturing and hospitality company that operates globally. Made more famous in the UK through its partnership with Manchester United.


How do we support our Global Operational Leaders to develop their resilience in self and others in the face of the Global Pandemic whilst meeting increased customer demands for their products and services globally?


We co-designed two separate programs that provide practical insights and coaching to make resilience a topic that can be discussed more openly and its lessons applied to everyday operational leadership, performance and team-work. These programs are being delivered live and virtual using ZOOM and supporting self-directed learning. We are deploying SDI 2.0, our Resilient Leader curriculum and our proprietary approach to virtual learning for this program.

The results

The awareness of how resilience and well-being impact sustainable operational performance is beginning to inform how leaders and teams behave.

Early feedback has been very positive. More results to follow as we progress.

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