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Building Creative & High Performing Teams

Replacing luck: achieve and sustain high performance in your organisation

Do you know how your teams achieve and sustain high performance in your organisation?
How confident are you that they can replicate success once they have achieved it?
Can it be documented and shared with other teams?
How prepared are they to deliver innovation and creativity in the face of change, volatility and ambiguity?

About the CCI Philosophy and How to Build Creative & High Performing Teams

Build Creative & High Performing Teams is the key to the success of your organisation. Changing models of team operation make it even more important to understand the reasons why your teams are successful or not. Taking teams seriously has been the focus of our work since we founded Mission Performance. The CCI philosophy is the product of this work and enables organisation to understand what drives performance in teams and equips them with the tools and insight to develop and measure the behaviours that deliver it over time.

This CCI philosophy of performance is built upon a diverse set of experiences gained in a wide variety of environments. These include elite rugby, the performing arts, offshore ocean yacht racing, Polar exploration, global expeditions and high altitude mountaineering, civil aviation and military operations. The CCI model is intuitive and straightforward and in part relies on teams doing the basics to an incredibly high standard consistently over time.

At the strategic level the model captures the 3 key characteristics that help Build Creative & High Performing Teams:

  • They have Clarity – the team must have a clear understanding of their mission, of where they are going, their purpose objectives and how their contributions support the central purpose of their team and the wider organisation.
  • They have a well-developed Culture – defined as an agreed set of values, a sense of identity and a set of beliefs that align to deliver the agreed clarity.
  • They are mature independent people who are set up to and exercise a choice to work Interdependently.

Great leadership multiplies the impact of all the three components and sits at the centre of the model. The model is coached and then owned by the organisation as a means to build and develop teams to organisational objectives.

The CCI-Q Model

Teams at every level can apply the model with or without the help from Mission Performance. Past users of the CCI model also experienced the following beneficial outcomes:

1. Higher levels of self- awareness and understanding of and others leading to higher levels of trust.
2. Raised commitment to team goals, to agreed behaviours and to each other
3. Genuine honesty about performance and people.
4. The ability for leaders to replicate the process for other teams with no external support.
5. The objective use of the CCI tool to audit progress, raise and sustain performance.

Who has used the model to Build Creative & High Performing Teams? Who can benefit?

Over the last 20 years hundreds of corporate teams have used the model from across a wide spectrum:
Industries – banking, financial services, retail, oil and gas, construction, business services, healthcare, aviation, transport, utilities.
Teams – executive, operational, sales teams, divisional leadership, business functions.
Locations – UK, North and Latin America, Middle East, Africa, CIS, Continental Europe.


“Using the CCI team tool gave our board and SMT not only the clarity and alignment on what we needed to focus on to secure the ongoing turnaround of the business, but also, crucially the ability to execute on that clarity by accelerating our development as senior teams”
Finance Director, Construction Services Provider, UK

See the tool

CCI-Q Clarity, Culture and Interdependence

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