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Re-engineering Technological Sales

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Mission Performance goes high tech

Yes, it’s a brave new world. We have partnered with several fast-growing software, data, and technology companies to help drive performance in their people and sales processes.  

From the global giants to smaller, niche, boutique organisations providing specialist services to their clients, the organisations we’ve worked with have shared common challenges and opportunities.

One such opportunity is selling solutions to organisations before they realise they need them. Complex and technical solutions whose value needs to be well articulated.

The challenge of communicating and selling tech

It’s a universal problem. We all know that technology and process only get you to the start line. To run and win a race, you need well-trained human beings who can influence, communicate, and inspire those around them. Above all, you a team that can sell technical complexity.

The Sales processes in these companies may have multiple stakeholders, from product design, engineering, and project managers. Complexity can slow the pace and quality of delivery or even stall the journey entirely if leadership and communication style is left to chance.

Each of these stakeholders will have a different set of needs and objectives. They need to collaborate – communicate, align, and demonstrate an understanding of a client’s needs and frustrations. They may be brought into the process at a point of conflict and need the ability to de-escalate a challenging, high-stakes situation.  

Supporting the journey

Fast growth and high-pressure market conditions often constrain and delay providing practical training at the right time. These conditions can lead to people holding positions of influence who, through no fault of their own, do not have the necessary skills to fulfil them effectively.

Mission Performance provides the support needed for organisational and individual development and performance. We focus on relationship building, creating trust and coaching individuals and teams to communicate value beyond the technical specifications of the product they are selling or the client they are managing.

We’ve developed internal alignment and empathy, ensuring siloed experts evaluate the broader teams’ needs and enter communications considering the big picture and their place in it.  

We’ve been busy designing and deploying bespoke hybrid models of delivery that can combine self-paced learning, coaching, Virtual Instructor-led sessions, and premium face-to-face delivery to execute the perfect solution.

Line of sight to value

Ultimately, selling technical products to non-technical people requires skill, brevity, and conversations that strike the right notes. Working with all team members, we help them present their ideas with an engaging clarity, focusing on value and placing the client’s needs at the centre of the relationship.

By combining our four practice areas of To lead; To Coach; To Communicate, and To Minimise Risk, we enhance collaboration, leadership skills, engagement, and performance.

We are excited to work in such a vital, vibrant, growing sector. The results and feedback we have achieved continue to be exceptional, leading to extensive referrals and repeat programs.

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