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A Force for Good in the World

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The B corporation movement aspires to influence businesses globally to adopt new environmentally and socially conscious standards, to shift the power of business for a force for good.

The current economic model governing the practices of most businesses has detrimental impacts on the environment, people, and communities. The goal of the B corporation movement is to challenge the destructive systems of business that drive the modern-day economic system, by providing a new framework of standards that prioritise positive social and environmental impact, public transparency, stakeholder interest, and legal accountability.

In pursuing and achieving the B corporation standards, businesses like Mission Performance are rejecting the destructive systems of business and choosing to be a part of the movement towards a more equitable and sustainable economic system.

To qualify as a B corporation, businesses must undertake a rigorous impact assessment that measures the positive impact they have across five different categories: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. The assessment provides a holistic view of business impact, the higher the positive impact the higher the number of points a business earns and the higher their B score.

For many businesses the B corporation certification is more than just a logo they can add to their website. Especially in small businesses, the goal to become a b corporation is aligned with the personal values of individuals and communities within businesses.

Mission Performance’s journey to become a B corporation started around five years ago when Rob was inspired by a friend embarking on their own B corporation journey. They described a different way to run a business that aspires to create positive impacts. The idea resonated with Rob and aligned with Mission Performance’s values, and their will to do the right thing by people.

After the long assessment process, Mission Performance was finally certified as a B corporation in 2020. In the assessment process Mission Performance performed exceptionally well in the ‘workers’ section, which looks at how a company treats its employees. Mission Performance ranked in the top 5% of organisations globally, in the way they treat their employees. For Mission Performance, this is a badge of honour and demonstrates that they ‘practise what they preach’.

The initial certification is only the beginning of the journey. Since certification important decisions have been made driving improvement in all aspects of the business. Mission Performance is currently working hard to create positive environmental and community impacts. Environmentally, Mission Performance is looking at how to improve the Lee-on-the-Solent office’s environmental footprint by looking at green energy options, waste solutions and a fleet of electric vehicles. For the local community, Mission Performance is increasing donations of equipment, kit, and money to local youth groups, including sports clubs and scout groups, to help young people have better opportunities.

The B corporation certification is helping Mission Performance to be recognised for the things that often go unseen but have a big impact on their stakeholders. Helping their employees and clients to reach their potential in their careers and lives more generally is a noble purpose, and a force for good in the world. Mission Performance hopes to inspire clients to ‘be more B corporation’, they are proud to teach other organisations to lead and operate how Mission Performance does.

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