Some of our incredible clients.

We combine the excitement of experiential learning with the rigour of a management consultancy.

United in our ability to inspire learning and behaviour change in others, we are a diverse group of professional actors, sports men and women, pilots, executive coaches, facilitators, academics, business, expedition and military leaders

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"The depth and breadth of leadership expertise we are able to draw on by working with Mission Performance’s Head of Leadership Practice is enormous."

Will Tasho, Group Head of Talent Management Hays PLC
small team trekking across snowy landscape
Mission Performance on their way to winning the first of two victories to the Magnetic North Pole - High Arctic
Our mission

We wanted to take the excitement of conducting operations within the Royal Marines into a different environment. We have assembled a diverse team selected for their ability to inspire learning and coach higher performance in others.

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Our pillars

Powerful in their own right. But when combined they accelerate performance. Refined over 20 years.


We develop leaders and teams to thrive in these uncertain times.

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We coach individuals, teams, organisations and can accredit to EMCC Global standards.



We help you and your people become more effective communicators.

Human Factors

We help your leaders at all levels to mitigate human error and create safer working environments.

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people sitting on the side of a boat deck
Mission Performance studied the human-performance lessons of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race over four years.
real world examples

Problems We Solve

Extraordinary examples of how we have helped our clients in every industry sector. 20 years of combined knowledge in effect.

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Ollie Dimsdale Communication Practitioner and Coach.
Brendan Hall sharing lessons in leadership.
Mandy Hickson sharing lessons in operational efficiency.

We can deliver anywhere in the world.

You can experience our training on any platform in any format. We design it to work for you.

Outstanding passion for the content – was very engaging. 1-1 content was extremely pointed and helpful. This was the best training experience I have had in 14 years.
One of the finest presentations I've had in professional career. Great Facilitator. very engaging. The facilitator focused on the development of the team. Passionate facilitator, excellent tips and learning.
I believe it was one of the most valuable online training sessions ever I had.
Year founded
Leaders developed
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Supporting Royal Marine Veterans and friends supplying technology and aid to remote Nepalese communities.
Follow their progress...HERE
A group of Royal Marine veterans posing for a photograph in front of the Andes Mountains

Our diverse team

We’re Highly Committed to Your Success

Everything we do is guided by an understanding of you. We help people at all levels to transform how they think and operate.

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