Transform Your Business By Changing Mindsets

Powerful learning experiences backed by neuroscience, fuelled by inspired facilitators, supported by cutting edge technology and refreshed regularly through our unique partnerships.

What We Do
First We Listen, Then We Listen Some More

Then We Build

We’ve prevailed against our own tough challenges, but yours are unique to you. Only after uncovering your organisation’s specific obstacles do we build solutions together to overcome those obstacles and achieve sustained success through long term behavioural change. We deliver these globally across all major industries.

How We Do It

In collaboration with you we blend our core capabilities of Leadership, High Performance Teams, Personal Impact & Communications, and Internal Coaching Capability into the right mix to suit your needs and to sustain performance without dependence on external support.

What Gives Our Programmes Higher and More Sustained Impact?

  • Neuroscience and technology work hand in hand with our solutions to form a positive, purposeful programme built around fundamental change.
  • Our facilitators are an impassioned group of practitioners from a range of diverse backgrounds, who share a passion to help people change and succeed. They have a unique ability to engage and inspire people to succeed in lasting change.
  • We never stop researching what helps organisations, leaders and teams succeed, so that we can share these lessons with you. Recent examples include Leadership in Volatile and Uncertain environments and Team Resilience.
  • We partner with innovative global organisations like Seratio, a leader in measurement of Social Value and Ethical Leadership, and The Centre for Creative Leadership to enable you to share in cutting edge practices.
An Eye On Your Bottom Line 15 years of experience matching learning solutions to your real-world organisational goals.

What Our Clients Have to Say

The App
Introducing FitToLead®, The App That Ensures Habit Formation

Simple, Intuitive, Powerful

We built FitToLead to ensure both individual and groups of learners actually apply new skills and behaviours, including those they find the hardest.

It will engage, inspire and support learners on their journey to achieving their personal goals. Simple, easy to use, the mobile app cements long-term learning and habit formation, whether you’re looking to develop your self-awareness or become a better leader, or coach, keep yourself accountable and track your progress.

Remove the ROI Guesswork With FitToLead

  • 1 Measure learning application and ROI
  • 2 Simple, one-tap interface. No login or complicated menus
  • 3 Honest measurement of personal progress and peer comparison
  • 4 Content tailored to specific learning outcomes

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What Can We Do For You?

Let’s work together to come up with an authentic, impactful approach for your organisation.

Here’s the part where we listen

We’re ready to start working with you. Let’s meet, learn about your business and explore how we can help. Fill out the form and receive a downloadable brochure with more information about the FitToLead app, and we’ll be in touch.

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